Train, Train, Train

Modern Firearms Training

This months training session is underway. There might still be time to make it. check out the schedule!

Block 0 | 0900 - 1200

SCHEDULE: 0900 TO 1200

PRICE: $40.00USD


Block 0: Basic Marksmanship is the essential foundation for learning defensive shooting skills. This block emphasizes the importance of “brilliance in the basics,” as competent shooters must first master the fundamental marksmanship techniques.

Block 1 | 1000 - 1130

SCHEDULE: 1000 to 1130

PRICE: $20.00USD


Block 1: Foundational Skills reinforces basic marksmanship techniques from Block 0 and introduces essential weapon manipulations for defensive shooting scenarios. Shooters develop their skills at their own pace and can apply these defensive marksmanship skills to multiple weapon systems. All drills can scale to pistol, rifle, or both.

Block 2 | 1200 - 1400

SCHEDULE: 1200 TO 1400

PRICE: $20.00USD


Block 2: Defensive Marksmanship builds on the fundamentals learned in Block 1 and introduces movement and stress to the training environment. It is designed to teach shooters how to apply their marksmanship skills in a dynamic and realistic setting.

Block 3 | 1430 - 1700

SCHEDULE: 1430 TO 1630

PRICE: $20.00USD

ROUND COUNT: 150-200

Block 3 tests physical and shooting skills under stress, combining exercises like tire flips, air squats and push-ups with shooting drills. Missed shots are punished by burpees, raising social stress. Block 3 showcases the rewards of Blocks 1 and 2 without aiming to knock participants down.

Evergreen Defensive Tactics Group (EDTgrp), est 2017

Evergreen Defensive Tactics Group (EDTgrp), est 2017

Evergreen Defensive Tactics Group (EDTgrp), est 2017