Training Sessions:

EDT Group’s Training Sessions were developed to address the needs of civilians, veterans, military and LEOs to keep their weapon handling skills honed and ready in the event they are needed. One class or qualification, even once a year, is not nearly enough time behind the sights to stay proficient and prepared for the worst.

Block 0: Fundamentals

SCHEDULE: 0900 TO 1300 (4 Hours)

PRICE: $40.00USD


Assess shooters skills and introduce Weapons Safety. Block 0: Fundamentals is designed for brand new shooters, new to EDT Group, or shooters who have little experience drawing from a holster.

Block 1: Marksmanship

SCHEDULE: 1000 to 1130 (1.5 Hours)

PRICE: $20.00USD


Work on dialing in your Marksmanship skills. Shooters with previous experience working from holster/sling can show up here. Shooters lacking this experience will join the Block01F shooters on another range to get more 1:1 time and be brought up to speed.

Block 2: Maneuver

SCHEDULE: 1200 TO 1400 (2 Hours)

PRICE: $20.00USD


Every fight for your life is a race for who can find the first edge. We live in a dynamic world and threats don’t stand still and wait. Maneuvering, working around obstacles and learning to apply the fundamentals from compromised positions are key.

Block 3: Application

SCHEDULE: 1430 TO 1630 (2 Hours)

PRICE: $20.00USD

ROUND COUNT: 150-200

The real world doesn’t give you time to catch up. The closest we can get to real life on a range is to put you under intense physical and mental stress; and then have you put rounds on target quickly and efficiently.